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Designs ByVasq

DesignsByVasq also known as Keyiente is a NYC Singer, Songwriter Graphic Designer and Producer. Though he's been musically active since 7 years old, he released his first public (solo) mixtape in 2016 titled "EchoStorm".


That same year he released multiple EDM singles under the name "ItsTheKash". In 2017 he debuted a melodic sound with his last mixtape "You Won't Like This".


After the "You Won't Like This" Mixtape, Keyiente took a hiatus on music to focus on filmography. In late 2017 he decided to get back into music with his captivating melodic harmonies, soothing voice and powerful lyrics. Music from Keyiente releases monthly.

In other works as "DesignsByVasq" he creates Music Videos, Album Covers, Websites & fliers for multiple sources & has even worked with Buzzfeed at 1 point in 2018.. Here is some of his work


Music By Keyiente

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