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Our Plu$Program

Mass-Markets focal points 


Targeted Markets


*Starting market

 Virginia state prison system

The length of stay doesn’t matter. The only thing that will matter is the common goal; (to make one better!) and any other mailing services that have a Newsletter or paper that can be access in the Virginia state jails/prisons. 

Targeted Audience

Those with little or no outlet for their “works” to be noticed without losing the control of their creations; all together.


What is Mass-Markets

  A service that will be aimed towards those in the penal system, but not limited to only them. 

  We help produce & promote works of art such as drawings, poems, and or novels; (short stories or screenplays). Each project will be handled with extreme care and marketed in the right place to meet the goals of all parties. 


What will be the difference between us and other company like us? 


“No one gift will be treated the same!!!”

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